YI Halo Review

Image of the YI Halo 360 camera rig

The Yi Halo is the second version of the Google JUMP Rig for professional 3D VR content creation. The first Google JUMP rig was the GoPro Odyssey, which was shipped out around May 2016, with a partnership with GoPro. I think only content creators and other media partners were able to purchase or lease the JUMP camera rig. The cost of the GoPro JUMP rig was around $15,000 the 2017 YI JUMP Rig is estimated to be around $17,000.

YI Halo Specs

Image and Video quality

The YI Halo has a total of 17 4k YI cameras recording at the same time to provide amazing quality. The YI Halow has advanced image quality settings such as ISO, WB, EV, shutter and flat colo to empower filmmakers to capture the most spectacular moments accurately. The resolution is 8k x 30 fps (8192 x 8192 x 30fps) and 5k x 60fps (5760 x 5760 x 60fps).
Sample Video


Halo is one of the most versatile 3D-360 solutions so demanding creators can shoot longer, shoot more easily, and shoot in the most challenging situations.

Image of v mount external batteries

It has over 100+ minutes battery life and the rig consumes only 50 watts of power. The rechargeable battery can also be easily swapped out with a spare. The included AC Adapter can power the YI Halo and also charge the battery at the same time. It also supports V-mount external batteries. The weight is less than 8 lbs so it is very portable.



Overall the YI Halo is pretty impressive. One downside potentially is that it is one of the heavier rigs at 8 pounds. A combination of the rig, heavy duty tripod and extra batteries might be a little much for most people. Also you would mostly be recording static shots. If you already have a RC Car dolly or an Aerial Drone you might have to upgrade. Lifting a 8 pound rig, extra batteries and potentially a 3 axis stabilizer would need a big beefy drone. But then again if you are dropping $17,000 on a YI Halo, you might be able to drop an additional $6 – 10k on a drone and $2 – 10k on a RC car. 

Once this rig gets into the hands of content creators I think the footage is going to be amazing. Like I said above, if you mostly do static shots this would work out pretty well. But, if you are filming mostly 360 action content, you might want to try a lighter more portable 360 camera rig. I personally like the Insta360 Pro and Kandao Obsidian 3D 360 camera rigs.


Info and details at YiTechnology