Yi 360 VR Camera Review

Image of the yi 360 vr camera

The Yi 360 VR Camera is one of the most anticipated 360 cameras to be coming out in the near future. YI is a well known camera company and has recently partnered up with Google on the YI Halo 360 camera rig for google JUMP program.


YI 360 VR Camera

YI 360 VR camera delivers stunning video and images – in 360. YI 360 VR™ features professional-grade video quality at up to 5.7K/30fps in 360 degrees for post-production work. Thanks to Ambarella’s best virtual reality SOC H2V95, a pair of sharp 220-degree lenses, mated to a pair of 12MP SONY IMX377 CMOS sensors.

The camera has everything a newer 360 camera would have from a well known camera company. A few of those features are : 4k auto stitching video quality, 5.7k pre-stitching video quality, 2.5k live streaming, dual 220 degree fish eye lenses, some of the highest quality internals such as the Ambarella H2V95 and Dual SONY IMX377 lenses.

H2V95 can process and compress full resolution inputs from 2 IMX 377 sensors simultaneously. Its DSLR grade ISP produces the most vivid images.




Image of the yi 360 vr camera in a pocket

The camera has a simple and elegant design that enables the user to easily use the 360 camera. YI 360 VR is lightweight and compact. At only 6 ounces and fitting in the palm of your hand, easily mountable anywhere you mount an action camera, it can go anywhere you go. You can easily fit it in your pocket and carry it around where ever you go.


4k / 30 fps Auto-Stitching

Most cameras have powerful enough chipsets and software to automatically stitch together the video and photos taken on the device. This is always a plus if you don’t want to do the stitching in post-processing software either on a computer or through a mobile phone. There have been a few videos on YouTube displaying the quality of the stitching but have been recently removed, I will have to check back at another time and post future videos and images in this review.


5.7k / 30 fps pre-stitching video footage for post processing software

If you don’t want to use the auto-stitching feature of the YI 360 VR camera, then you can use your own stitching software if you think something else can give you a higher quality stitch in your videos and photos. There are a ton of stitching softwares out there so you can test out which ones you like and think are the best for your current workflow of video editing.


2.5K Live Streaming

Image of a live event to show that yi 360 vr camera can live stream events you go to

YI 360 VR features 100+mbps high-speed Wi-Fi (Dual-band Wi-Fi 2.4GHz & 5GHz) to enable users to live-stream 2.5K/30fps 360-degree videos. Use YI 360 VR app to connect your camera with a Wi-Fi network to start live-streaming everything around you to Facebook, YouTube, and more at 2.5K in 360-degree with a few simple clicks.

Most cameras have the ability to live stream their experiences to friends and family. Sharing your experiences to others is a great way to gain followers and become and influencer. With the Yi 360 VR camera, you can easily live stream anytime you want in great quality.


Companion App

Image of social sites to share images on

The YI 360 VR camera, like most 360 cameras, comes with a mobile app to share your videos and photos. Easily share your images and video to the typical platforms like Facebook, Youtube and others.


Sample Video



The Yi 360 VR Camera is one of the most anticipated 360 cameras in the near future. It’s estimated release date is sometime in June, so it should be available for shipping this week. You can pre-order the camera on multiple websites for around $400. With the YI 360 VR camera having the Ambarella H2V95 and Dual SONY IMX377 lenses, it should result in one of the highest quality 360 consumer cameras.

Update : The YI 360 VR Camera has been found posted on geekbuying for sale. I am not sure if it is indeed real and you can purchase the camera now. I have not gone through the shopping cart to purchase it, my guess is that it is just a pre-order until YI actually releases the camera.