Types of Blow dryers for dog grooming and how to choose

To maintain hygiene by combing, bathing, and brushing of your pets is highly important. These forkballs come in all shapes, sizes and hair length. We need different hair dryers as per the need. In this article types of asciugatore per cani are discussed. Let’s read-

  1. Forced-air dryer

A forced air dryer is a high-velocity dryer. It uses high pressure to remove excess water out of a dog’s mane. These dryers are powerful and one of the most efficient blowers available in the market. These dryers blow the air out and do not suck in the water.

  • Handheld dryer- In terms of functionality these are totally different but appearance wise the handheld dryers look like human dryers. We should always use blow dryer designed for the dogs as the human dryers lack the efficacy required to dry out thick hair coat of our pooches.
  • Low-pressure dryer- The low-pressure dryers use low pressure to do the job. Heavy air is blown out; it lets the user dry the sensitive areas with much lower pressure than the forced blow dryers.
  • Cage dryer:

These blower for dogs are specifically designed for the dogs secured in a cage. It is a wonderful option for dogs who have sensitive skin and fur. The low pressure does not hurt them. Although there are chances of the pooch to catch a cold, they may begin to shiver. So, the user must remain attentive to provide comfort and coziness by wrapping a blanket as soon as the job is done.

  •  Stand dryer-

A stand dryer is also known as the fluffy dryer. These are attached with a stand. Fluffy dryers let you comb, brush and maintain particular direction while the process of drying is happening.

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