Sphericam Beast Review

Image of the sphericam beast 360 camera

The Sphericam Beast 360 Camera has that name for a reason. It is because it is a beast of high resolution quality. The reason it is one of the best is because of the cinematic RAW video footage it processes.

Sphericam is a 360 camera company by Jeffrey Martin, you probably have heard of them before because of their twice successful kickstarter campaign for the Sphericam 1 back in 2012 as well as the Sphericam 2 in 2015 which received over $450,000 to build the 360 camera. You can read more about them both it in my Sphericam 2 review and Sphericam 1 review.

Sphericam Beast 360 Camera

The Sphericam Beast 360 camera is targeting professional cinematic and media companies with its 10-bit RAW 360 production power. The Beast can product video at 6k, 60FPS and 10-bit RAW quality. The bit rate to internal storage is 2.8 GBs (gigabytes per second). It has a PC and Mac compatible application for configuration adjustments. Therefore, you can adjust the output, stitch for live stream as well as conversion to Cinema DNG.

The camera has four 1 inch sensors positions closely for easier stitching. It has a rolling shutter, resolution of each sensor is 4096 x 2160 and a stitched panorama is 5780 x 2890. Also, the frame rate is up to 60FPS (not stitched) and RAW / 30fps (stitched).


Image of the sphericam beast 360 camera with an external stitching hardware


Sample Video Footage



Overall the Sphericam Beast provides a unique package compared to most professional 360 camera companies. First of all, they are obviously targeting a very specific crowd with the 10 bit RAW video output. Because of this, it takes a massive amount of processing power to achieve this. As well as a lot of storage space, which is why you have the extra hardware unit. Until I can get my hands on RAW footage as well as get a price point I would suggest waiting to purchase this camera and look at cheaper 3D 360 professional cameras like the Kandao Obsidian 360 Camera or the Insta360 Pro 360 Camera.

If you are looking for a more consumer or pro-consumer friendly camera, I would take a look at their upcoming Sphericam 2 redesigned version. It has some impressive tech specs.


Technical Specifications

Price$40,000 – 60,000
Release DateEstimated 10/2017
Product Phasein development
Capturemonoscopic, steroscopic


Lense Type4 x fisheye
Resolution & FPS6k x 3k @ 30fps up to 60 fps
Image Pixels x N Tot Lensenot mentioned
ISO Rangenot mentioned
Stitched Photo Resolutionno photo mode
Live Videoyes
Stitchingautomatic w software
Output formatRAW, DNG


Hardware Compatibility
Connection JackEthernet
Power Supply4 x V mount battery, AC/DC adapter
CapacityM.2 SSD Drive, SATA SSD
Stitching SoftwareWindows, Apple
App CompatibilityTBA

Info from Sphericam website.