Panasonic 360 Camera Review

Image of Panasonic 360 degree camera for live streaming 4k content

The Panasonic 360 camera is a 360 4k live streaming camera. It specifically focuses on an external hardware box to do the processing and live streaming. This is a huge advantage when competing against 360 cameras without any additional hardware.

Panasonic 360 Camera for Live Streaming

The company first unveiled this 360 camera rig as a prototype at the Inter BEE 2016 in November. The main focus of this 360 camera is for live streaming 4k content. They are targeting news, sports, concerts and other types of media companies. On the camera, there are four lenses and also attached to some external hardware. The external hardware does all the processing, stitching and streaming of the final video.

Image of panasonic 360 camera external processing and stitching unit.

Panasonic had a press release on April 23rd 2017 which revealed the 360 degree live camera system and most of its specs. The official names of the camera and the streaming hardware are the AW-360C10 live camera head and AW-360B10 live camera base unit. Both will be available in August 2017 with pricing to be announced at a later date.

Image of panasonic 360 head unit

The Panasonic 360 camera unit uses high precision real time active stitching processing to deliver 4k resolution at 30fps. In addition the system is capable of monitoring and configuration updates remotely by network with a PC or a tablet. You can also control it from wifi using an iPad. Most of all Panasonic hopes professionals will fall in love with the reliability and features.

Listen in below as a team member gets interviewed at the Cine Gear 2017 show.


It seems like Panasonic is targeting professional media companies for live streaming in 4k quality.  However, a lot of newer 360 cameras have the option of live streaming in various streaming resolutions. Most noteworthy is the Oraha 4i live streaming 4k camera. It is probably the closest competitor to the Panasonic AW-360 camera package. The Ohra 4i, like the Panasonic camera, focuses on live streaming in 4k quality using external hardware.  

Other professional camera systems have live streaming features like the Insta360 Pro and the Kandao Obsidian. In conclusion, I think we have to wait until it gets into the hands of professionals to see how good the camera is. 

Technical Specs

Brand Panasonic
Release DateEstimated August 2017
Product PhaseIn Development


Lense Type
Resolution & FPS4k @ 30 fps
Image Pixels x N Tot Lense
ISO Range
Stitched Photo Resolution
Live Videoyes
StitchingAuto by hardware
Output format


Hardware Compatibility
Connection Jack
Power Supply
Stitching Software
App CompatibilityApple


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