Orah 4i Review

Image of Orah 4i 360 live streaming camera

The Orah 4i 360 live streaming camera is one of your best options for 4k live streaming. There are no other cameras that come close to the quality and efficiency of what the Orgah 4i can deliver.  The camera is made by a company called VideoStitch. They are actually a software company who have been building stitching and streaming software for many years. So by creating the Orah, they now have the perfect hardware solution (Orah 4i 360 camera) to use their perfect software package (Vahana VR and VideoStitch Studio).

Orah 4i 360 Live Stream Camera Review

Video stitch built a camera to fill a specific niche that was most competition was missing out on, live streaming. They also know a thing or two about live streaming and stitching, they have been helping out companies like Facebook and Red Bull stitch and stream their content since 2012. Before the Orah, videographers had to deal with multiple cables, power supplies, SD Cards and various small hardware pieces. The Orah 4i 360 camera removes those problems and makes the workflow as simple as possible.

The original pre-order price was around $1,795 and is now $3,600.


Plug and Play Streaming

First of all the Orah is built for live streaming. As a result, a videographer can stream Orah’s video to any platform that supports VR video and others using RTMP protocol broadcast. Most noteworthy you can live stream resolution of 4096 x 2048 at 30fps. Most of the processing is done through the powerful stitching box. The stitching and processing unit uses VideoStitch’s own VahanaVR software and powerful Intel CPU and Nvidia GPU to stitch and create a low-latency transmission.

Image of orah 4i head unit and stitch box


The Orah never overheats due to a heat dissipation thermal pad. It allows long video streaming sessions up to 48 + hours. If you don’t want to live stream, you can always save the video inside of its 120GB internal solid-state drive for stitching and editing at a later time. The result produces a max video resolution 4800 x 2400 @ 30fps.

Audio and Stabilization

The Orah 4i records 4-Channel ambisonic audio and has built in stabilization and horizon correction. I am not sure how exactly the stabilization and horizon correction work. There is no information about having multiple sensor inputs on the camera. Usually most cameras have internal sensors which are used with software and algorithms to stabilize videos.


Image of Orah 4i camera stabilization and sound hardware features



Overall the Orah 4i is one of the few 360 cameras that do live streaming the right way. They specifically built a stitching and processing unit to do all the heavy lifting and keep the camera light and small. The only professional 360 camera that would come close to the live streaming capabilities is maybe the Panasonic 360 camera. But, the Panasonic 360 live streaming camera is not even available yet so we do not know the specifics about it. If you are investing into live streaming in 4k, this is the camera for you.


Technical Specifications

Release Date2017
Product PhaseReleased


Lense Type4 x f/2.0 fisheye
Resolution & FPS4800 x 2400 @ 30fps
Image Pixels x N Tot Lense
ISO Range
Stitched Photo Resolution
Live Videoyes
Output formatMP4


Hardware Compatibility
Microphones4 mics
Connection Jack
Power Supply48V over PoE, power outlet
CapacityExternal SD, SDHC, SDCX UHS-11
Stitching SoftwareWindows, Apple
App Compatibility