Nvidia Shield TV – Support For YouTube 360

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Nvidia’s streaming device Nvidia Shield TV has just got a new update for its YouTube Application. It has now the ability to support YouTube 360 content.

Nvidia Shield TV Supports YouTube 360

YouTube 360 Video Comes to SHIELD

Earlier this year Nvidia announced that YouTube 360° video would be coming to your TV via SHIELD with more natural controls using the very controller that’s bundled with your SHIELD. Well, this new update brings this exciting feature to the world’s fastest media streamer. While support for YouTube 360° has historically been limited to videos already created and edited, this update brings 360° video support to live streams as well.

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One important thing that Nvidia mentions above is that it now supports the update to live 360 degree video content. There have been a few recent updates in the news recently about live streaming. Facebook recently released some info about new support for 4k live streaming features with a list of 360 cameras that are supported for streaming.

I am not sure if Facebook or any other platform is supported under the Nvidia Shield TV device, but in the near future more and more devices will start supporting 360 streaming as well as 4k live streaming. Which is really good, because more 360 cameras are starting to support live streaming as default features. Eventually after updating the 360 camera firmware you will be able to stream in 4k video resolution.

Why is this important? Well, it means that if you own a 360 camera and upload video and 360 content to YouTube 360 platform there will be a lot more potential users to view your content. The more 360 video and 360 content platforms that exist the higher chance for you to succeed at whatever your 360 camera goals are. So now more than every is the time to create as much 360 content as possible using your 360 camera. There are a lot of 360 photo sharing platforms that exist as well as 360 video sharing platforms.

Overall this is good news for the future of 360 cameras and 360 video content platforms. The more support platforms get for current and future devices and streaming devices the better it will be for you and other 360 content creators.

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