Nokia Ozo Review

Image of the Nokia Ozo 360 camera


The Nokia Ozo since its release in 2015 has been one of the highest quality and biggest contenders in the professional 360 camera market. When it came out with a $60,000 price tag there was not a single contained camera unit similar to it in the market. Which is why it has been the big dog for quite a while, but recently they have reduced the price to $45,000 to compete with the other companies that are slowly catching up and releasing professional 360 camera units that are comparable.


Nokia Ozo

The Nokia Ozo is the most comprehensive 360 3D VR content creation camera and software package out on the market. It is geared towards those who are in the professional film industry and for those who want the highest quality content to distribute to all content platforms. It has many features that a complete package should deliver.


Ozo Remote

Image of the Nokia Ozo 360 camera remote software

First of all, the Ozo remote enables the user to remotely monitor the camera, recordings and settings. Also, you can control the camera from anywhere within the Wi-Fi range through a desktop app or the mobile web.


Ozo Preview

Image of the Nokia Ozo 360 camera software preview functionality

Being able to preview what the camera sensors currently look like is a huge advantage when filming immersive content. It seems like most 360 cameras do not have a live preview of the current video feed.  You have to capture all the video and hope for the best when you stitch it all together and go into the post-production tools. In addition, with Ozo preview the director can easily put on a VR headset and see exactly what the video footage is going to look like for that shot.


OZO Creator

Image of the nokida ozo 360 camera software creator studio

The ozo creator software enables the user to review and edit the recorded footage. This helps them prepare for the post-production software in your workflow. The Ozo Creator also enables creators with powerful 2D and 3D 360 stitching functionality for final exporting.


Recent News

Until June 18th 2017 you can sign up to be part of their OZO Storyteller program and receive the Ozo at a significant discount at $25,000.

Ozo Storytellers

Image of nokia ozo story teller partner program

As an OZO Storyteller, you will receive savings off the purchase of an OZO+ camera in exchange for providing VR content and feedback to Nokia. You will be eligible to purchase an OZO+ camera for $25,000, a significant saving off the $40,000 retail price. (€23,500 in Europe and ¥220,888 in China).

Plus, you will play a vital role in shaping the vision and language of the VR medium. By helping Nokia, you will inform the continuing evolution of our best-in-class VR products and solutions. By sharing your content with Nokia, you can reach a broad range of audiences. Audiences that include partners throughout the ecosystem as well as consumers.

Get started now. Terms and conditions are part of the application. Applications will be accepted until June 18, 2017.

See more info at Ozo-StoryTellers 



The Ozo is one of the best professional 360 camera systems out there. But, there are a lot of competitors catching up to the quality of what the Ozo delivers. Which is why I think they recently enabled a ‘Ozo Storyteller’ program which discounts the price to only $25,000.

Most 360 content platforms can’t even support the 2D and 3D 6,8,10k video quality right now. Most platforms compress the video to enable the user a smooth video streaming experience. In the near future I believe most platforms and VR goggles will be able to stream higher quality content.  The professional 360 cameras will be dramatically cheaper and easier for amateurs to get into the professional space.  

A few single contained unit 360 camera systems that I think are in a good place for price and quality are the Insta360 Pro and the Kandao Obsidian 360 cameras. If you have a larger budget, you can take a look at the multi-camera cinematic camaeras. But, you will also need a large post-production budget as well. 


Update : Nokia Ozo has been Live360 Facebook certified for Live 360 Facebook streaming.


Technical Specifications

Price$60k / 45k / 25k
Release Date11/2015
Product PhaseReleased
CaptureMonoscopic, Stereoscopic


Lense Type8 x f/2.4
Resolution & FPS8k x 4k @ 30fps
Image Pixels x N Tot Lense8 MP [x8]
ISO Range400 – 6400
Stitched Photo Resolution
Live VideoYes
Output format


Hardware Compatibility
Wirelesswireless, 4G
Connection Jack
Power Supply
Capacity500 gb, solid state media
Stitching SoftwareWindows, Apple
App Compatibility


Info from Nokia Ozo website