MySight360 Rebrands To OmiCam

Back in April there was a project update 04/25 that mentioned there was an issue with the product name. MySight360 is too similar to IP product MySight in the market, so they have to re-brand and figure out what name is safe to use.


Project Updates

MySight IP Camera Name

According to the update “Product name:  Our lawyer warns that “MySight360” will have trouble by the name, because there is another product (IP camera) named “MySight” in the market. We tried so many options, however, we met other problems such as web domain name was taken and other issues. After this process, the final product name will be “FunLog”. And now we are doing all the related changing including user manual, package, product print and the App will be submitted again. ”

Image of the current IP on MySight360 cameras

On Jun 13th an update was posted lessing everything one the final confirmation of the new camera name. OmiCam!


They have made a new website and so far it looks pretty basic, they made a few mistakes on not removing some template information from the WordPress site, but at least they have it now set up correctly.

Image of the new website for MySight360 to new rebranded OmniCam


Product Testing

More testing on the final prototype products are currently in the works. The project manager wants to make sure that all of the promised features and durability lives up to the promises. They posted a few pictures of the tests in progress.

Image of the omicam during a fit test

Image of the omicam in water proof testing

Image of the omicam during electric testing


New Ship Date

It also looks like there is a new update on the first round of shipments. “I have to say sorry first, because the shipping date will be delay till 6 July.(It is confirmed shipping date)”.  And I think the second round of shipments will be around 7/16.  So slowly but surely this unique product is almost released into the hands of the backers. I can’t wait to get my hands on the OmiCam and see what it can do. It promises a lot of great features, so it should be good!

Software And Mobile App

The software is currently being updated for both Windows and Mac OS, it should be available to beta test pretty shortly. One think I like about the creators of this Indiegogo project is that they provide a good amount of updates and want feedback from the people who made this possible for them. The mobile applications also were mentioned in an update sharing with us that the Android app will be available by June 30th.

From some example graphics I believe this icon below will either be the Softwares or the Mobile Apps

Image of the omicam software icon

I will keep the updates coming and post related links below as they come from the indiegogo manager.

OmiCam Update on Jun 16th – Software updates