OmiCam Review – The Storytelling 360 Camera

Image of the OmiCam MySight360 camera thumbnail

The Omicam formally known as MySight360 is one of the hottest 360 cameras currently set to be released to the public soon. I have just recently received mine after getting shipped 4-5 weeks ago from Hong Kong. Below I will go over everything that the Indiegogo campaign promised and then a full hands on review of everything.

Omicam (MySight360)

The Omicam (MySight360) is an Indiegogo campaign which was completely funded on Jan 19 2017. Consumers are wanting more and more 360 cameras and as technology advances more companies are taking a stab at creating their own cameras to fill the market. Omicam (MySight360) is the result of exactly that. They created a great campaign targeting active users who want to record and log their journeys as they bike ride, hike, camp, climb and do other things outdoors.

Before I get into the hands on review of the OmiCam (MySight360), I just wanted to go over everything that was advertised in the Indiegogo / Kickstarter crowdfunding campaigns for the 360 camera.

IndieGogo Campaign info


Image of the omicam 360 camera wearable on hat and clothing

The Omicam (MySight360) is a wearable 360 camera. Most 360 cameras are bulky, heavy and require a special mount or rig to carry around or attach to things. Not the OmiCam (MySight360)! Included with the camera is an easy to use clip that enables you to attach it easily and effortlessly to anything where every you go.

Rain, Dust, Heat resistant

Worried about your 360 camera getting damaged by rain, dust or abnormal weather? The Omicam (MySight360) is being built so that it will resist all of elements and be able to be used in any location at any time.

4k Video Resolution and Stabilization

The high end video resolution is a very important thing to most people who purchase a 360 camera. If a 360 camera doesn’t at least support 4k resolution, it probably won’t be successful. The Omicam (MySight360) team has released an example of the difference between 1080P and 4k resolution for those who may not be experts.

Stabilization is also a huge concern for most 360 cameras do not have that included in the camera and expect most users to edit it with third party post production software packages to stabilize the footage. But, most software is expensive and not worth the multiple hundreds of dollars just to stabilize your video that you capture.

The Omicam (MySight360) team has solved this issue with advanced built-in horizontal calibration. Every video recorded will be amazingly stable without all the dizziness of other 360 camera videos. Check out the example of the horizontal calibration feature below.

Most of the backers are probably outdoor activity type of enthusiests because the Omnicam (MySight360) has seemed to market itself as the active users clip on 360 camera. Because of this stabilization was a huge factor in most peoples purchase.

Storytelling / LifeLog

Image of the omicam 360 camera lifelog feature

Everyone knows that more and more online social platforms are supporting 360 panoramic photos and 360 videos. This enables you to share the content to your friends and family.  One thing that is missing in most social platforms as well as 360 camera solutions is the ability to tell a story or keep track of where you went. Video LifeLog is a feature to auto record your long-hours activity to keep a story or log of your travels for you.

Never have to worry about battery problems again. Its built-in video snapshot function will automatically record for 10 seconds every 3 minutes, optimizing battery management to last over 15 hours of usage.

Hiking Story

Trip Story

Mobile Application

By now everyone knows that the pairing Mobile app to a 360 camera can make or break the overall purchase of the 360 camera. If the Mobile App doesn’t deliver the features needed and doesn’t connect well through the phone to your camera, you will get a lot of angry customers and low ratings on all the stores.  The Omicam (MySight360) team knows this and have made sure to add great features in the Mobile Application.

MySight360 mobile App transforms your smartphone into your camera’s editing suite. Whatever you are in the mood for, whether it is adding text, graphics, theme, and music, the possibilities are endless.

Image of the omicam 360 camera mobile app

Share the moment as it happens. At the moment of glory (top of the mountain), with the MySight360 app one-click sharing, you can share your experience with family and friends.

Image of the mysight360 omicam 360 camera mobile app sharing feature

With MySight360, you are the storyteller.  And with the App you have full control how the story is told.

Imgae of the mysight360 omicam 360 camera mobile app features

So those were all the basic features, video clips, mobile app and software advertisements on the Indiegogo / Kickstarter crowdfunding campaigns, now lets continue onto the hands on review to see if they delivered all their promises.

Omicam Review – Hands On

In this hands on review of the OmiCam (MySight360) I will be going over many different things.

  • Unboxing the package and go over everything that is included
  • Basic design of the 360 camera, buttons and each port
  • Battery charging and tests
  • Deep dive into the devices menu items and setting options
  • Photo and Video tests
  • Mobile App pairing and overview of the features of the App
  • Any included software which usually is stitching or post production software
  • Table of technical specifications
  • Any Issues or errors that I experienced throughout the review
  • My final thoughts

OmiCam Unboxing

The OmiCam (MySight360) is in a nice packaging that displays the actual 360 camera inside behind a sleeve of plastic. The coloring design is really well done and describes exactly what you should expect from the 360 camera right on the front of the box.

Image of the OmiCam packaging

Inside of the box we get plenty of additional items. We get the main OmiCam (MySight360) 360 camera which comes with a clip on device already installed on it. As well as a few other clips and mounts seen above. You also get a quick release piece of plastic that mounts onto the OmiCam as well as a bag to carry it with.

Image of the OmiCam MySight360 camera unboxed

OmiCam Design

First thing you will notice is that this 360 camera is very different than most that you have seen me review in the past. This one was specifically built as a clip on 240 degree action camera for those who enjoy the outdoors and want to record their journey.

On the back of the OmiCam (MySight360) 360 camera, we can see the clip that can be used to be placed on your book-bag, backpack, ball cap or even your shirt. The idea behind this is so you can effortlessly record your journey while traveling, hiking, biking, camping or any other outdoor activity.

Image of the omicam mysight 360 camera backclip

On the front of the OmiCam (MySight360) 360 camera we can see the 240 degree lens and the main shutter button. A few 360 cameras in the marketplace use this type of 240 – 260 degree angled lens. The main ones you might know are the Kodak SP360 4K and the 360Fly 4k 360 cameras. The front shutter button is very similar to other handheld 360 cameras like the Ricoh Theta S and the LG 360 Cam.

Image of the omicam mysight360 360 camera front shutter button and 240 degree lens

To get to the micro SD Card slot and the mini USB port you have to slide off the bottom plastic of the front part of the camera. This will then show a small slot of rubber which is covering up the ports.

Image of the omicam mysight360 360 camera front slide off plastic

Once we open up the side rubber slot, we have access to both the micro SD card slot and the mini USB ports. The micro SD card is for storing all of our photos and video and the mini USB port is for transferring our data to the computer and eventually the OmiCam stitching desktop software.

Image of the omicam mysight360 360 camera side ports

The OmiCam (MySight360) camera also comes with a plastic stand which places the 240 degree lens perfectly horizontal so that you can capture the most important shots. This helps in case you just want to set the camera on a flat surface and capture as much content as possible.

Image of the omicam mysight360 360 camera on its stand

OmiCam Battery Life

In this section I will be going over the battery size, charging times and amount of video you can record before draining the battery to 0%

Battery Size and Charging

Image of the OmiCam mysight360 camera charging

When charging the battery, the light doesn’t change to green after it is fully charged. It does make a noise, but you can’t tell what exactly it means because the battery charging light is still blinking and is still red. I would have expected the light to go solid green like most other 360 cameras do when they are fully done charging.

Test #1 : I fully charged the OmiCam and used a 64GB micro SD card to test the maximum amount of video recorded before the battery gets drained to 0%. After the first test I got 19.13 GB worth of video files. For some reason the video gets recorded in many 1:01 length video clips the entire time. So I got 99 mini videos at one minute and one second length for a total of around 100 minutes and 23 seconds worth of video which is 1 hour 40 minutes and 23 seconds of video to drain the battery.

Sadly, when trying to import all 99 videos into the OmiCam Edit Software, it kept crashing. So the OmiCam Edit Software doesn’t seem to handle such a large load of videos. I will try to update the OmiCam Edit Software and see if the error gets fixed.

Photo Quality

Every 360 camera that I test, I make sure to run it through many different photo quality tests. For all of my tests I do not change any settings or configurations, it is all directly out of the box. First I test low light photos with various amounts of lighting (low, medium, high). Then I go to a local park to test a few other specific locations to get as many different lighting, colors and scenery to compare with.

OmiCam Low Light Photos

Low Light Photo 1

Low Light Photo 2

Low Light Photo 3

OmiCam Photo Tests

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 4

OmiCam Video Quality

Similar to the photographs, I will be taking low light video tests as well as other video tests to compare with the other 360 camera competition.

OmiCam Low Light Videos

Low Light Video 1

Low Light Video 2

Low Light Video 3

OmiCam Other Video Tests

I also record a few videos at the local park to get a few tests to compare with all the other 360 cameras that I review. I typically do an indoor shot and an outdoor shot of a building or architecture. I have these videos available for each 360 camera to compare with all the other 360 cameras.

Video Test 1

Video Test 2

OmiCam – Omi Studio Mobile Application

First I want to mention that the OmiCam (MySight360) 360 camera has both an App in iTunes and Google Play store, but they are currently beta versions of the App. Which means there will most likely be bugs and issues that will fixed in future versions. Hopefully they will also upgrade the features as well once the community asks for specific things to be able to do in the OmiCam Mobile Apps.

Image of the omicam mysight360 360 camera mobile app screen shots on google play

The first thing we want to do is try to pair our device with our smart phone. Doing so is pretty easy and is very similar to all other 360 camera Mobile Apps. Once we get connected you will see the camera name as well as the amount of space currently being used. See below the before and after pairing on the Mobile App.

Image of the omicam mysight 360 camera mobile app main menu

Lets go ahead and click on the Step 1 of the Mobile App that says Preview OMI Camera. When we first enter the preview screen, we are prompted with steps on how to use the following window.

Image of the omicam mysight360 360 camera recording options screen

There are multiple different camera modes Timelapse, Video and photo. You can also change the angle of the preview screen by panning and zooming using your finger to click around. There is also a View Angle radar to get back to the front of the view. After selecting either of the shooting options you can also select the Lifelog function which will capture your life automatically. The Lifelog is essentially a fancy special timelapse feature for both photography and video. Lastly we have advanced settings option.

Image of the omicam mysight360 360 camera mobile app preview capture window

To access the settings you can click on the gear icon which is to the right of the start shutter button in the bottom middle part of the screen. This will enable you to see all the options for exposure, white balance, iso, hdr, photo timer, interval of photo lifelog, interval of video lifelog, duration of video lifelog, lifelog mode and interval of timelapse.

Image of the omicam mysight360 360 camera mobile app advanced settings window

If we go back to the preview capture window on the OmiCam Mobile App, lets go ahead and click on the Lifelog to see what options we can do. So how the video Lifelog works is that after every 3min, 5min or 10min minutes the camera will turn back on from sleeping and record 5, 10 or 15 seconds worth of video. So that way you can go on a long hike, bike ride, or any activity and only get snippets of the entire thing. One thing that is nice is that once the video starts recording you will hear a beep on the OmiCam 360 camera so you know its going to start recording video. You can then direct the OmiCam 360 camera to whatever you want during those 5, 10, 15 seconds to make the video Lifelog that much better and more interesting.

Image of the omicam mysight360 360 camera mobile app lifelog video options

OmiCam Software Omi Studio / Omi Edit

OmiCam comes with a desktop software to stitch and create 360 stories with. It is available for both Mac OS and Windows OS. The latest versions can be downloaded here for Mac and here for Windows. I use a Mac Book Pro that has both Windows 10 and Mac OS installed, so I can test both versions of the Omi Studio / Omi Edit software.

The OmiCam software is called the Omi Studio or Omi Edit. It is currently in version 1.0.13 and still in beta testing, but I will go over the current application state that it is in.

The OmiCam (MySight360) camera was sold as a long term use story telling device that would enable you to take snippets of your journey or activity and create a simple edited version of it through a 240 degree point of view. That is exactly what it does. Lets go ahead and take a look.

Below is the initial splash screen for the desktop software, you can either immediately start creating a 360 VR story or view the already exported ones that you have created. We will start with the creation of the 360 stories.

Image of the splash screen for the omi studio omicam software

Once we get inside of the OmiCam Studio desktop software, we can see we have a variety of options. We have a few menu items at the top of the screen, a task icon to the right, a gallery view of the current imported files, a preview window to the right, and the folder locations for importing files at the bottom. Lets take a look at the top menu items.

Image of the main window inside of omicam studio omicam editor software

At the top of the window we have the menu items for single, integrated, batch and play. The single will allow us to stitch, process and edit a single photo or video. The integrated menu item enables us to combine multiple photos or video into a video time lapse. The batch item enables the user to mass process and edit an unlimited amount of photos or video. This is a good option if you want to process multiple files over night. Lastly we have the 360 play viewer which enables us to watch our already exported 360 VR stories.

Image of the omicam software omi studio

Lets go ahead and select the single menu item and click on one of our imported videos. You will see a blue and white check box filled in when you have selected the video you want. Also, the preview window will populate the video that you have selected.

Image of the omicam mysight360 360 camera omi studio software single select a video

You can now preview it by clicking and dragging on the right side of the screen just like any other 360 degree video and photo viewer. At the bottom you can see the ability to clip the video, here we can select which part we want to include into our 360 story.

Image of the preview clip video functionality in the omicam omi studio software

Once we have clipped our video, we can then go on to the next step. Click on the arrow at the top right hand corner of the screen.

Image of the next step button for omicam omi studio software editing a video

The second step is for more in depth editing. Here is the edit window for our photos and video, video for this specific example. As we can see we have a lot more options to use here : Output resolution, text dialogue, theme and title, sound and music and logo insert.

Image of the edit window on the omicam omi studio software

Lets take a look at every option one at a time. First I will go over the text dialogue option.

Image of the text dialogue options for the omicam omi studio software

If we click on one of the three text blobs on the left side of the screen, it will add a text blob into the 360 degree video for us to manipulate.

Image of the editing text on 360 degree video on the omicam omi studio software

We can set the specific text in the text box on the right.

Image of the text box for adding text dialogue on the omicam omi studio software

Once we have the exact text that we want to display, we can now pick the start and ending point to display the text in our video. Using a slider, we can adjust the time that it will be displayed on the video.

Image of the text display on the omicam omi studio software

Now that we have some text inside of our video, lets look at the other options and add some more features to the video. Sound and music are always a good choice to add to video to make it more exciting, so lets take a look. On the right side of the window we have the sound and music panel with a few options available. There is a mute button, music only and video sound. In between the music only and the video sound is a slider which gives more preference for one or the other.

Image of the sound and music panel of the omicam omi studio software

I am going to keep the current selection of the music but also keep some of the video sound as well, so I will move the slider bar a little to the left to make sure I get both music and natural recorded video in the exported video. Next I will go over the Theme and Title panel, this panel enables the user to add an intro, outro and what seems like random transitions in between. For this example we will be choosing the bike theme which is the farthest to the right button. We will keep the standard text just as an example.

Image of the theme and title option for omicam omi studio software

Next we have the option of inserting a logo into our video. The Omicam has a  240 degree point of view similar to the Kodak SP360 cameras as well as the 360Fly HD and 4K cameras. So this leaves us a small area of darkness in a 360 degree point of view. This is where the logo comes into play, we can either import a custom made logo to show off our branded company or we can use one of the default logos. For this example, I will just choose a default logo.

Image of the logo import option for the omicam omi studio software

Last but not least, is one of the most important options. The output resolution. We have resolution options of 3840 x 2160 (4k), 2560 x 1440 (2.5k) and lastly 1920 x 1080 (FHD). I will be choosing the highest quality of 4k video resolution so our final exported video will look as good as it can be.

Image of the resolution options avaible for our exported video in the omicam omi studio software

I now click on the start process button.

Image of the start process button on the omicam omi studio software

Select the location of the exported video (MP4) and wait for it to process.

Image of the export location for the omicam omi studio software

And we have the final result! Let’s take a view at a similar example with all the features we went over.

Example Video

OmiCam Software Omi Studio / Omi Edit – Overview

Overall the software package is a nice touch to an already interesting OmiCam camera. They focus on the ability to create long snippet stories of a long term experience like a travel expedition, hiking, biking, running or any other activity. The software takes all the pain out of clipping huge video files and does it all for you as long as you use the LifeLog photo or video feature of the camera. The features of the software are very limited and the current version of Mac OS has a lot of bugs and crashes a lot. If you expect a fully functional post production software package like the Garmin Virb Edit, then you are looking at the wrong software tool. The Omi Studio is specifically for the OmiCam camera and mostly its timelapse, videolapse and LifeLog recording features.

Errors, Issues and Complaints

The OmiCam desktop software occasionally crashes on my Mac OS but that is almost expected for a brand new beta released version of the software. But, overall the software has a ton of interesting features and pretty impressive for a beta version of desktop software.

When charging the Omicam battery, the blinking red light on the power button does not turn to a solid green coloring signifying that the battery is 100% charged. It does make a noise letting you know that it is complete, but it keeps the same red blinking light which is supposed to tell you that it is charging still, so that is a minor bug that they will need to fix.

To use other clips you have to take off the original one that gets shipped on the OmiCam. They give you instructions on how to unscrew it and give you a screwdriver, sadly the screw and the screw driver do not match 100% so you need to have a shallow and flatter screwdriver than the thin and pointy one that they give you. Luckily I had a small screwdriver set for reading glasses and it worked just fine.

The quick release clip that they provide is very very tight when you clip it into any other type of clip used for cameras. I had to cover the quick release with olive oil to easily take it off and on. It actually got stuck the first time I used it and I almost broke it trying to get it out of my bike mount.

Image of the omicam mysight360 360 camera quick release broken

UPDATE : After attempting to use the quick release a few times I have broken it, from what I can tell it is the incorrect size and needs to be a few millimeters smaller in multiple spots for it to work correctly. You could probably sand it down to the correct size if you have a hand held file or a small sander.

The front plastic covering that covers the removable rubber slit for access to the micro SD card and mini USB ports is not very secure. It is very loose and will probably break if you drop it once or even use it too many times. A few times I have just tried to attach the OmiCam (MySight360) 360 camera to a tripod and I accidentally knocked it loose and unclipped it. They should improve on this and build a stronger clip mechanism in the next batch.

OmiCam Review – My Thoughts

So far there have been a few build issues and bugs in the software, but I expect that from a new camera company that was successful at a kickstarter / indiegogo campaign and is going through the process of how to build a 360 camera. Pretty sure most first generation 360 cameras are pretty crappy at first and are later updated through firmware updates, desktop software updates and Mobile App updates as well.

  • Will continue to update the more I use the  software and mobile app.

Indiegogo Campaign Updates

Each campaign releases small updates to all the backers. I go over a few of the recent updates which include software, mobile apps, the final packaging and shipping dates for backers.

Campaign Update #7 from Omicam (MySight360) : Software Updates

Image of the mysight360 omicam 360 camera desktop software

Included with the purchase and support of the Indiegogo campaign, a Mobile App as well as desktop software will be included. The MySight360 team is working hard on making an easy to use software for both Windows and Mac. They have released v 1.0.1 and linked all the backers the location of the download to start testing.

Quick instruction

  • Open the Software and see 2 option Watch 360 videos and Create 360 story. (We already know put 360 into the name or button is a bad idea and will change to other text later)
  • “Create 360 story” Sorry we do not have video for test yet. The firmware is updating and the raw video with old firmware cannot work on desktop software.)
  • “Watch 360 story” please press the path icon in the bottom left corner and select output video folder. There are at 2 icons at the bottom right corner for capture normal picture and video.

Above are the basic operation for desktop software. If you have any idea about the UI flow, please tell us for improving this product.

The great part about this update is the Omicam (MySight360) teams ability to convey what they are currently building for their users and asking for constructive feedback. The desktop software looks great and I can’t wait to see what else they have in store for both the desktop software and mobile apps in the near future.

The Omicam (MySight360) team also mentioned that the first round of 360 cameras are going to be sent out to the first batch of backers. Then shortly afterwords they will be sending out the second batch as well.

Campaign Update #8 from Omicam (MySight360) : Release Dates & Mobile App

Android App is on google play, please search “OMI studio beta” and you will see an app with Sightour logo. (Meanwhile, you can try it on iPhone app store.) The Android app will be update again before user get reward, there is a sample video (1080p) inside OMI studio for test.

Here is the packaged camera for the OmiCam.

Image of the mysight360 omicam 360 camera packaged and ready to ship

The shipping will start soon but may not fulfill all backers at first day (6 July) but will complete the process in 2 weeks. (24 July).

Campaign Update #9 from OmiCam (MySight360) : Build Issues

1. Quick Release Broken: The main reason is the surface process for those quick release. In short term, Our plastic injection factory makes the new lot of Quick Release without the surface process. .

2. Waterproof Case not easy to click: The current waterproof case has some tolerance which will cause the camera slightly offset. In short term, we will provide the sponge which could attach inside the waterproof case and it will ensure the button of the waterproof case could directly contact to camera when it is installed inside.

3. The Camera button issue: That is a main issue for us because we have done the button reliability test (5000 times) during the design. We realized when camera is running, the rubber inside the camera will soften and deform which cause the button sometime can’t touch the electronic board inside. (Please see the photo below)

To solve this issue, we made 20 samples with 24 hours operation button reliability test with the new way to attach a plastic piece between rubber and electronic board. Based on the experiment, the result is good. We will provide the SOP and the material for you so that you could self-repair it if the problem happened.

In summary, we will provide the small package for all the backers included,

1. 2 new quick releases

2. A seal bag with the sponge for waterproof case and plastic pieces for camera button repair

3. 1 lens cap

4. 1 camera I/O cover

5. 1 camera back cover (that is to replace the original one since it might be damaged when you tear the camera apart.) 

We will start deliver them from next week. On the other hand, we will provide the SOP video link later this week so that you will know how to self-repair.

There are still some products which we didn’t delivered yet due to the phone number lacking or some other issues. We will make this correction action before delivery and have a note for you.

Also, there are several backers reported that the SD card can’t be taken off. We found some users insert the micro SD card in the wrong direction. Please see the photo below for the correct direction. We will provide SOP video later this week and teach you how to take it off.

Campaign Update #10 from OmiCam (MySight360) : Video Updates

Dear backers,

Here is SOP video for issues.

Power key issue

Step 1 remove case

Step 2 repair power connector

Step 3 improve power button function/reaction

SD card stuck issue

step 1 remove case

Step 2 remove stuck SD card

Waterproof case issue

Quick guide to Omicam -1

Quick guide to Omicam -2

  • Elio Soverchi
    This is the view on my cam! Diferent from the shown video! Can you explain why? Omni Cam record in .mp4, but OmiCam 1 on Mac Sierra don’t accept it! Am I doing somthing wrong? Thank you

    • These are the steps that I took, first import the media files from the micro SD Card to your computer, then load up the OmiCam software, click on Create 360 Story, click on the folder at the bottom to import the directory with all of your photos and videos, click on the batch logo at the top of the screen, then on the right side you will see the video output resolution and photo resolution options, then select an output folder for the completed stitched media, click on Start Process and watch above as each one gets completed. Once they have completed, go to that output folder and you will see all the stitched media files.

      • Elio Soverchi

        You very kind, but the video from OMI Cam is a .mp4 and is not accepted in Omi Studio. 🙁

        • أبا الحكم

          You need to specify the drive path only not the folder with the mp4 files. It will recognize the folder structure automatically

  • 陳威志

    Hi, I am Chen from Sightour and still working on the issue.
    First of all, please go to to get latest FW/App.
    I believe the using experience will be much better.
    Second, new Quick release clip is on the way for delivery.

    For FW update, it will be a big help for horizontal calibration.
    For software update, the performance is much better now. (Less crash)

    The most important thing! please wear camera in front of chest for the best result.

    If you have any further question, please send mail to [email protected]

    All the best

  • أبا الحكم

    Thanks for the tips. I was wondering in the beginning, why the video quality was that bad 😀

    • 陳威志

      Hi, Sorry for late reply. (Maybe you can send the question to [email protected] for quick answer.
      The preview quality is only 800*800. It is for quick review and also related to the memory control.
      In our opinion, lifelog function will create a lots of small video clips. (It is a important function for wearable device to extend power life.)
      Therefore, we need a way to help user browse a lots of video and avoid crash. (once you preview the video when you wan to integrate them, you dont need to download it again.)
      For memory control, we just release 64bit version for desktop app.

      All the best