Motorola 360 Camera Review

Image of motorola 360 camera attachment for Moto Z phones

The Moto Z 360 camera attachment is one of the newest contenders in the 360 camera segment for cell phones. This is a great choice for a 360 camera if you have one of the compatible Moto Z phones.

Moto Z 360 Camera Attachment

The Moto Z has been Motorola’s most recent surprise success on a newer phone. The phone was originally built for modularity with the options of swapping different backs for different handset devices.

Motorola Moto 360 Camera Mod

The 360 Camera Moto Mod is the newest of the swapable backs for the Moto Z smart phone line. It has been added because of the increased popularity of 360 cameras for consumers. There have been quite a lot of newer 360 cameras that have been released recently, including the Garmin Virb 360. Also, in the near future there is going to be the GoPro Fusion and Yi 360 VR 360 cameras released in the next few months.

Image of the moto z 360 camera

The additional modification makes the phone just a little thicker but the camera fits fantastically onto the phone with little extra bulge.  The Moto 360 Camera is priced at $299.99 and can capture 4k 360 video with immersive 3D audio. You can also use the camera to capture an ultra wide angled 150 degree field of view.

Image of the moto z 360 camera



150° ultra wide-angle photos
Capture ultra wide-angle front and rear images, giving your still photos a perspective you can’t get from any other smartphone.

Advanced editing software
Edit your 360° photos and videos right from your phone. Advanced editing software allows you to easily adjust 360 content to fit your needs.

Stream or share
Live stream your 360° videos on your social media channels. Or, share them in the moment—right from your Google Photos app.

Image of the moto z 360 camera attachment


360 Camera Specifications

Capture the feeling
Shoot interactive 360° video, audio, and images in a snap

360° 4K video + 3D sound
Relive the moment in Ultra HD with immersive sound

Edit on the go
Edit photos and videos with advanced software—right on your phone

150° ultra wide-angle views
Add a whole new perspective to your selfies and snapshots

Click to share
Sends to friends or straight to social media, right from the Google Photos app

Go live
Live stream in 360° to your social network

Plays well with others
Moto 360 Camera is compatible with any phone in the Moto Z Family


Video Footage Example



I think this is a pretty nice addition to your phone if you already own a Moto Z compatible phone. The price is a little on the expensive side, but that is probably because it is a brand new device so it is going for full retail. You can purchase the device on the Motorola store. Phone attachments for 360 cameras are becoming more popular. The new Android phone called Essential by the ex-googler also has a 360 camera attachment for the phone, but at only a $99 price tag if you purchase the new phone. Sounds like an amazing deal if you want one of the latest greatest Android phones and are interested in 360 cameras.  Others who have been down this path are the Insta360 Air and Insta360 Nano clip on devices for Android and iOS Apple phones.