Kandao Obsidian Review

The Kandao Obsidian camera from KandoVR at the CES 2017 show received the CES Best of Innovation Honoree in the Digital Imaging product category. Recipients of the CES Best of Innovation Award are viewed as trendsetters in the global technology industry. The digital imaging category has previously been dominated by top international brands such as Sony and Nikon. The Kandao Obsidian 3d VR Camera beat out fierce international competition. Due to this, it has became the first Chinese brand product to win this award.


Obsidian R and Obsidian S 3D 360 Cameras

There are two special planned production models of the Obsidian 3D 360 camera, version S for high speed video capture and a version R for high resolution. Each camera is built with different lenses and processing power to work around exactly what you need. If you are filming fast moving objects or an action scene, the Obsidian S will better capture the quick movements. The Obsidian S captures slow motion 3D 36o video resolutions of 4k x 4k at 120fps or 6k x 6k at 60fps. Yet, if you typically take static video then the Obsidian R would better fit for your needs. The video quality on the Obsidian R records 3D 360 content video with resolutions of 8k x 8k at 30fps or 4k x 4k at 60fps.


Obsidian R

Image of Kandao Obsidian R 360 Camera

The Obsidian R 3D 360 camera can do 8k x 8k at 30fps and 4k x 4k at 60fps. This is 8x the resolution of monoscopic 4k x 2k 360 videos / photos. Due to the quality, crisp and vivid details are captured to reproduce 3D experiences.


Obsidian S

Image of Kandao Obsidian S 360 Camera

The Obsidian S 3D 360 camera can do 4k x 4k at 120fps and 6k x 6k at 60fps. As a result, it is a high-speed camera providing exceptional flexibility with its high frame rate capabilities and ideal for slow-motion shots.


Obsidian Pioneer Edition

Image of Kandao Obsidian Pioneer 360 Camera

If you go to the Kandao website they have a pioneer program available for those who are interested in getting an early version of the 3D 360 VR camera. For around $5,000 you can join the program and get to use the pioneer version of the 3D 360 camera. This looks like a special batch built just for testing the product with as many media or production companies. By joining and  creating immersive content, you also get a chance to win the upgraded 3D VR Camera version. This camera was the recipient of the 2017 CES Digital Imaging Award for Best Innovation and valued at $10,000.

If you are a production company or media company, I believe this would be a great professional camera to get. The amount of features and the resolution quality is very impressive. 



Image of Kandao Studio software features

With the purchase of a Kandao Obsidian camera, you get an elegant post production software package. Kandao Studio speeds up the post-production workflow, as a result the creator can be more artistic and spend less time editing. Currently Kandao Studio is available for Windows computers.



The Kandao Obsidian cameras have 9 motion sensors in addition to hardware with algorithms to improve the video. Because of the software and hardware sensor outputs, the Obsidian can create smooth stabilized video. Therefore, no more complex post production



Looking at the specs for the Obsidian 3D 360 camera, it looks quite promising for the $5 – 10k range camera. However, the website does not specify the differences between the Pioneer and S or R models. Amazing features are included in the Kandao Obsidian cameras. The best are the resolution of 4 – 8k at 30 – 60 fps, 4k live streaming and stabilization. In addition, the price point of around $5,000 would be very hard to beat. Compare that to the GoPro Omni which doesn’t do 3D video, stabilization or live streaming. But, the Insta360 Pro and the Sonicam are two promising 3D cameras that have similar functionality as the Kandao Obsidian at a reasonable price. 


Technological Specifications

GeneralS Model | R Model
Price5k – 10k
Release DateQ2 of 2017
Product PhaseIn development
Weight1.1 kg
CaptureMonoscopic / Stereoscopic


Lense TypeFish Eye f/2.2 | Fish Eye f/2.8
Resolution & FPS @ 4k80/120 fps @ 4k x 4k | 60 fps @ 4k x 4k
Resolution & FPS > 4k 

30/60 fps @ 6k x 6k | 30 fps @ 8k x 8k

Image Pixels x N Tot LenseNA
ISO Range50 – 6400
Stitched Photo Resolution5760 x 5760 | 7680 x 7680
Live VideoYes
Output formatMOV – JPG


Hardware Compatibility
Microphones6 channel
Connection JackEthernet
Power SupplyExternal 12V supply, ethernet
Stitching SoftwareWindows
App CompatibilityAndroid, Apple