Intro To Facebook Live 360

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Facebook Live 360

Getting Started With Live 360

Live 360 bring Facebook and immersive 360 media together to transport people into an immersive environment where moments are experienced live right as they happen. Anyone with a 360 camera can go Live in 360 and share the experiences with their community and interact with comments and reactions from the audience.


Live 360 Ready Program – Certified Cameras

There are currently both consumer and professional oriented 360 cameras available and certified by Facebook for streaming live 360 content to Facebook.

Image of live streaming consumer 360 cameras

A few of the more consumer friendly cameras are the Giroptic IO, Insta360 Nano, Insta360 Air and the ION360 U.

Image of professional livestreaming 360 cameras

But, if you want to be more professional and have better streaming abilities and software then you can upgrade your camera and use a professional 360 camera. A few on the list of supported professional cameras are the 360fly 4k pro, Insta360 Pro, Nokia OZO and the Z Cam S1.


Workflow Solutions

Image of workflow software for streaming 360 cameras

Having a 360 camera for live streaming is the first step, but what if you want a professional workflow from start to finish without any hiccups of any kind. That is when professional live streaming software solutions come into play. Facebook has a list of certified software solutions to help guide you through your live streaming experiences. The workflow solutions currently certified are Assimilate Scratch Vr, Groovy Gecko, LiveScale, Teradek Sphere, Voysys, Wowza and Z Cam Wonder Live.


Live 360 Specifications

As of July 2017, these are the specifications that 360 cameras must support to be certified by Facebook’s Live team.

Supported Resolutions : 1080p (1920 x 960), 1280p (1280 x 2560), 4k (1920 x 3840)

Aspect Ratio : 2:1

Frame Rate : 30fps

Target Bitrates : 4 Mbps, 6Mbps, 15Mbps (megabits)

Codec : H.264

Keyframe Frequency : 1 I-frame every 2 seconds (minimum)

Audio : AAC

Audio Sample rate : 44.1 KHz

Audio Bitrate : 128 Kbps (kiilobits)

Depth : Monoscopic

Max Streaming Time : 4 Hours


Best Practices For Live 360

  1. Ensure you have a strong network connection to support the necessary streaming requirements for your moment (we recommend 4 Mbps)
  2. Most viewers will not be able to clearly view things far away in a 260 stream. Keep that in mind when positioning the camera (20 – 30 feet maximum depending on resolution of your camera)
  3. Consider including a host to act as a narrator for the experience, providing real-time guidance to your audience on where to look and how to engage with the 360 degree view.
  4. Think about creative ways you can overlay graphics, text, and 2D video onto the video where possible to provide additional context on the scene, or provide multiple points of view at an event.
  5. Remember to utilize the Guide feature (accessible from the edit video flow for Pages) after your Live 360 video is over to indicate points of interest on the video to viewers.)
  6. When possible consider adding spatial audio to your Life 360 stream for greater immersion and a more authentic experience for viewers.



Facebook 360 Live is a great way to be creative and keep your audiences attention to your pages. Making video more immersive and enabling viewers to experience something in real time is a great way to increase your brand recognition. If you would like to learn How To Go Live in 360 on Live Site or How To To Live in 360 Camera App I have more steps on how to do both.


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