Insta360 Pro Review

Image of the insta 360 pro 3D camera

The Insta360 camera company have become one of newer successful 360 camera companies in the recent years. It all started with their first indiegogo campaign in Nov 2016 and raised $240,000 to create the Insta360 Air for Android devices and the Insta360 Nano for iPhones. As a result of their success they also sell the Insta360 4k Spherical VR video camera and now their newest and latest professional camera the Insta360 Pro.


Insta360 Pro 360 Camera

Main Features


The camera uses optical flow image stitching algorithms which allow for seamless, dynamic and very precise stitching results. Stitching is probably one of the main problem points for multi camera 360 systems, the Insta360 solves this problem and makes it a very simple process.

Image of optical flow stitching example for insta 360 pro camera


Preview & Live Streaming

The Insta360 Pro enables the user to see a live preview of the camera. Being able to see what you are filming before you do it is very important. You can also live stream immersive 3D 360 content to many platforms in either 2D or 3D. As a result, live streaming on any 360 supporting platform including, Facebook and YouTube is supported. It seems like live streaming in 4k is becoming a more regular feature of most professional 360 camera systems. 

Image of live streaming options for the insta 360 pro camera

Real-time image stabilization

Nothing is mentioned on the website, but I assume they use multiple sensors and a special algorithms to stabilize the video. Image stabilization is very important for professional cameras, so I am happy to see this as a feature. I have asked a sales rep and they said the stabilization is digital.


Stereoscopic Audio

The Insta360 Pro 360 camera has 4 mics places around the rig so that you can capture audio. I guess that you can use that captured data to create stereoscopic audio to make your videos more immersive. Multiple microphones seem to be a regular occurrence on professional cameras. 



There are a few software packages that are included with the Insta360 Pro.

Image of insta 360 pro camera control application for ios

Image of insta 360 pro stitching application



The Insta360Pro is one of my favorite professional 3D cameras on the marketplace right now. If I decide to purchase a 3D 360 VR camera it might just be this one. The Insta360 Pro has all the features you would want in a professional camera at a very reasonable price.  Features include live streaming at 4k resolution, image stabilization, slow motion at 100fps, stereoscopic sound, 2D videos at 8k and 3D videos at 6k.

Seems like this might be the camera with the best bang for your buck.  The Insta360 Pro standard package costs $3,500 and the battery combo package is $3,800.  The battery combo package includes an extra battery as well as a charging station, which seem pretty important to have.  Compare this to the Kandao Obsidian cameras which start at around $5,000 and the Sonicam for $2-3,000 which is currently on kickstarter and will retail for $4,000.


Update : Insta360 Pro has been Live360 Facebook certified for Live 360 Facebook streaming.


Tech Specs

BrandArashi Vision
Release Date2017
Product PhaseReleased
CaptureMonoscopic, Steroscopic


Lense Type6 x f/2.4 Fish Eye
Resolution & FPS2D : 7680 x 3840 @ 30fps, 3D : 6400 x 6400 @ 30fps
Image Pixels x N Tot Lense10 MP [x6]
ISO Range
Stitched Photo Resolution 7680 x 7680
Live VideoYes
Output formatMP4, JPEG, RAW


Hardware Compatibility
Microphones4 microphones
Stabilizer Yes
Wirelesswifi, 4G
Connection Jack Hdmi, Ethernet, USB C
Power Supply5000 mAh, DC Adapter
CapacitySD slot, computer memory
Stitching SoftwareWindows, Apple
App CompatibilityApple Tablet


Info from Insta360 website.