Insta360 Nano – Clip on 360 camera for iPhone

The Insta360 Nano is an amazing clip on 360 camera for the iPhone. Never before have you been able to clip on a camera and share 360 photos and 360 video to all your friends and family.

Image of the insta360 nano 360 camera for iphones

Insta360 Nano 360 Camera

The Insta360 Nano is the iPhones version of the Insta360 Air, which was a massively successful Android phone clip on 360 camera. The Insta360 Air came from a massively successful indiegogo campaign and slowly but surely the Insta360 company has become a powerhouse in the 360 camera market. Not only is the camera company dominating in the consumer market but more recently in the professional market as well. The Insta360 Pro was recently released and is pretty impressive for a pro-consumer / professional 3D camera. Read all about it in my Review of the Insta360 Pro 3D Camera.

Insta360 Nano Features

Attach the Insta360 Nano directly onto an iPhone and start shooting amazing 360 photos and videos! The first of its kind for iPhones in the 360 degree camera market.

Phone Compatibility

The camera is compatible with iPhones only.  It can be used as an attachment on the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 7 or 7 Plus. Using the camera with your phone enables you to instantly share 360 degree photos and videos with your friends and family. You can share through social sites like Facebook and YouTube.

The Insta360 Nano camera can actually be used as a standalone camera without the usage of a phone.

Image and Video Resolution

Insta360 Nano uses dual 210 degree fisheye lenses which are capable of outputting 3040 x 1520 (3k) videos and still images.

All the stitching is done internally in real time, so what you shoot the audience will see right away!

Memory Storage

The Insta360 Nano records data internally to a 64MB microSDXC card (sold separately)


A 800mAh battery is included and also has the ability to be recharched using a micro-USB cable which is included in the package.



Overall the Insta360 Nano is a good choice if you have a compatible iPhone and enjoy taking the occasional 360 photograph or video to share with friends and family. The quality of both the image and video are very good for the cost and size of the camera. The great part is that it is easy to carry and isn’t too bulky compared to most consumer 360 cameras in the marketplace.

Update : Insta360 Nano has been Live360 Facebook certified for Live 360 Facebook streaming.