How To Replace The Iphone Battery?

Iphone is the leading company, and there are numerous people, who are using iphone. In case, you are dealing with the battery related issues then it requires the battery replacement. The best method is giving the phone to the Apple store and let them fix the issues.

However, if they refused due to few terms and conditions, then you have to fix the issue by yourself. Well, the process of iphone battery replacement is simple and contains only a few steps. Here is the brief description of these steps –

Step 1 – first of all, the users are required to back up the all necessary data so that they can keep the data secure.

Step 2 – now remove the sim from the holder, which is next to the headphone jack. In order to remove the sim card, the users can use the needle and push the sim card holder.

Step 3 – there are two small screws, which are present near the dock and you need to remove such screws with the use of a screwdriver.

Step 4 – disconnect the black ribbon and flip the plastic tab up.

Step 5 – remove the display by sliding the black ribbon out and then, remove many partial thread screws.

Step 6 – next, unplug the ribbon and take the logic board up and after this, you can remove the battery with ease and place the new battery.

In the last step, reverse the whole process for getting the proper condition of iphone. Thus, you change the battery easily. Some people think that this is a tough task; however, the whole process is easy and everyone can follow it without facing any kind of issue. So, if there is any issue in the battery and want to replace it, then follow these steps and replace the battery easily.

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