GoPro Omni How To Update Firmware

Image of the gopro omni update firmware website screen

Occasionally the GoPro Omni team listens to the forums and upgrades features, adds new ones or fixes bugs. I always update the Omni firmware to get the latest and greatest goodies from GoPro software.


Omni Firmware Update

Updating the Omni firmware makes sure we have the latest and greatest software on all of our cameras in the rig. If there are known bugs or errors doing this could fix headaches in the future. It is always recommended to update software and hardware.

Steps to Update the Omni Camera

I have created an easy to follow YouTube tutorial on this if you wish to watch, or you can continue through the rest of this text guide.




First Log in to the GoPro Support Hub

First, if you have not created a Support Hub account or registered your Omni rig, make sure to do so. You can start here (

Next, once you are logged into the Support Hub and have registered for the Omni Rig we can confirm our account. You will have to also confirm your account through a GoPro email to continue. Finally, if you have done all of that, then you can go to the Professional Tab on the right side of the screen and click Omni.


Image of the gopro omni website with options to choose


Here you will get a lot of other options related to your GoPro Omni Rig. Options include the entire user manual, firmware downloads, firmware instructions, release notes and others.

Image of gopro omni website with firmware options available to select


Once you have downloaded and unzipped all the files necessary, we can continue the process.


Prepare the Six Cameras

Take every micro SD card. plug it into the USB to Micro SD converter and plug it into the computer. Make a copy of the UPDATE folder onto each six microSD cards (One for each camera in the array).  Insert them back into each of the GoPro Hero 4 cameras.

Image of the gopro omni firmware files used to upgrade the gopro omni rig


Check Batteries

First¬†make sure that the in-camera batteries of each GoPro Hero 4 are fully charged and inserted in the camera’s before continuing. It is not recommended to perform the update with the internal batteries removed and the Omni powered by the external battery.


Power On The GoPro Omni Rig

Image of the gopro hero 4 camera displaying the upgrade animation icon

Once the Omni Rig is turned on, the master GoPro Hero will automatically find the update files on its SD card and start to update the entire rig and itself.


Secondary Cameras

Image of the gopro hero 4 displaying the array update text


After the master GoPro Hero is done updating, the others in the rig will start to. You will see each of the other GoPro Hero cameras in the array start to update themselves. Continue the process and make sure there are no array errors or other errors displayed on any of the cameras. Be patient because this takes a long time, up to several minutes. Finally, when the updates are complete, the cube LED lights will be lit green. In addition, the cameras will display the text ‘Array Ready’.


Image of the gopro hero 4 displaying text that the array is updated and ready to use


You have completed the Omni firmware upgrade process. Now you can benefit from the updates and continue using the GoPro Omni. If you haven’t updated the Omni Importer to the latest version, check out our walkthrough on how to Upgrade the GoPro Omni Importer. New features include automatically stitching together photographs (Version 2.6) in Autopano Pro.