GoPro Omni Importer 2.6 Feature Updates

Image of the gopro omni importer software splash screen

Updating the Omni Importer from 2.5 to 2.6 gives you amazing new photo mode features. Still images can now be automatically imported into Autopano Pro.


Updating the Omni Importer

Image of the gopro omni importer main screen


New Features from 2.5 to 2.6


Photo modes support

Still images can now be imported directly through the Omni Importer. It also supports photo timelapse, burst and nightlapse. The support of photos comes with an update of the Omni firmware (v4. Hence old still images shot with Omni will not appear in Omni Importer.


Default options customization

Added a preferences window, allowing to choose : customized video / photo / multi-shots default settings and customized export default directory.


Sharp blending option availability

in the first version, we decided to use by default the smooth blending mode. Many users asked for having the possibility to choose between smooth and sharp blending for their exports, so we added this setting.


Filtering by capture type

This new feature allows users to focus quickly on the kind of capture they want to work with. With the filtering bar, the Omni Importer can only display videos, photos or multi shots.


Starred shots

This feature is to improve professional workflows. User can now select the sequences he wants to work on by clicking on the little star, and then display only those shots.


UI improvements

Updates were made to make the Importer as smooth and useful as possible, following some customers feedback. In particular, now the multiselection is fully implemented as expected in data management tool.


Importing and Stitching Photos

Out of all the features the one I use the most is the automatic import and stitching of photos. Before, you would have to take your time going through each micro SD card and select the files that match and import them into Kolor Autopano Pro software.

Image of gopro omni sd card folder structure trying to find matching images


Then you would have to create a group and process them to stitch them together. So it would take a very very long time to manually do this especially if you have 100s of photos.


Now all you have to do is select the auto previewed panoramic image in the photos tab,  click start processing, then open in APG.

Image of gopro omi importer software processing and opening image in kolor autopano software

Once in APG you can easily just click on the render button, select your options and export it as a full panoramic image.


Image of kolor autopano pro giga software rendering and exporting a panoramic image

Done! Nice and easy. The best part is you can mass import, queue up 100 images to render and do run the render queue while you sleep. Wake up in the morning and now have 100 completed panoramic high quality images. Thanks Omni Importer 2.6!

At one point in time I was using this very time consuming workflow to create high resolution street view images and uploading through Google View App. If you are interested in the steps to do this, see the GoPro Omni to Google Street walkthrough.



  • James Bruce

    where can I download this Gopro Omni Importer?