GoPro Over Capture and VR Reframe – Tutorial

Using a 360 camera to capture video has some amazing benefits, even if you don’t plan to display a video in 360 degrees you can make some amazing framing edits and effects for a normal video to share.

Image of the gopro vr reframe plugin tiny planet effect

GoPro Over Capturing and Reframing

GoPro has mentioned the word Over Capture in many videos and marketing material especially recently for their newer GoPro Fusion 360 camera. This enables you to shoot first and pick images and video clips at a later time.

Over Capture

Over capture is the terminology that GoPro uses when capturing 360 video and planning on using a smaller field of vision on a normal video. Because you now have captured a larger field of view (360 degrees) than a normal video (50 – 170 degrees) you have ‘over’ captured the information. You can use all that data at a later time to create images and video clips.


Reframing is the process of creating a normal video out of the 360 video content. It also enables you to change the field of view and add effects and filters.

In this tutorial we are going to use Adobe Premier Pro CC and Auto Pano Pro version 2.6, if you don’t have either no worries you can always download both on a trial version and still go through the tutorial.

If you have Kolor Auto Pano Pro version 2.6 you also have the opportunity to instal GoPro’s Adobe Premiere Pro CC plug ins called GoPro VR Horizon and GoPro VR Reframe. To install the plug ins, you must already have Adobe Premier Pro already installed. Next, you want to download the latest Auto Pano Pro version 2.6. When installing 2.6 you will also see the options to install Adobe Plug Ins, make sure to check that checkbox to get both GoPro VR Horizon and GoPro VR Reframe.

Just to make sure you have both of the plug ins installed, open up Adobe Premier Pro and go to the Effects Tab. Now type in ‘vr’ and see if under Video Effects a folder called GoPro VR exists with GoPro VR Horizon and GoPro VR Reframe.

Image of the effects tab in adobe premiere pro software where the video effects list gopro vr and gopro vr horizon and gopro vr reframe


Reframing Setup

First lets import the 360 video that you currently want to make edits to.

Image of the import video process for adobe premiere software

Once you have it imported and dragged over to the timeline to edit, we can move to the next step.

Image of the timeline window on adobe premiere pro software

Now we want to make some modifications to the video. Click on the Editing tab on the top to display the editing and effects options at the bottom left.

Image of the top views tab controls on adobe premiere software

Now select the Effects tab on the bottom left. Type in the text ‘VR’ to find the GoPro VR Reframing option.

Image of the go pro plugins for the adobe premiere software

We should now see the GoPro VR Reframe option and want to use that effect on our video clip. Now we want to click and drag the effect onto our video clip on the time line to the right side. If done correctly, you will see that the GoPro VR Reframe Effect Controls on the top loft side of the screen.

Image of the gopro vr reframe effect controls window on adobe premiere software


GoPro VR Reframe Effect Controls

Now that we have the effect applied to our video we can now start adding, control points with different effects throughout the video.

The values we can now change are the FOV (Field of view), Yaw, Pitch, Roll and smooth transition.

If you start changing the degrees intervals with one of these effects, you will start to see the results on the right side of the screen where your video clip is.


Field of View (FOV)

This is the amount of space you want to be able to be viewed by the user. The typical video FOV is around 40 degrees, so you can adjust this if you have a lot of action shots around the camera so the user can see the entire thing happening.

Image of the field of view differences

In the image the FOV is 40, 80 and 100.



Is used for panning left or right. Changing the YAW is like being attached on a vertical pole and rotating the point of view at different things. Using the reframing effect, we can add control points to slowly pan our shot from left to right over time.

Image of a photograph as we change the yaw values

A few examples of changing the YAW to adjust the view. Changing YAW degrees : 15, 65, 130.



The Pitch option is used for panning up or down. Changing the PITCH is like being attached on a horizontal pole and rotating the point of view up or down. Like the YAW control we can add control points to slowly pan up or down over time.

Image of a photograph as the pitch adjustment effect changes it

Examples of the Pitch degree levels : 0, -30, -60.



The Roll is used to roll the point of view like it was a ball. So if your footage was recorded at a strange angle, you can roll it back so that it is level for the user.

Image of the roll adjustment feature in adobe premiere software

Roll adjustment example 0, 30, 60 degrees.


Panning Example

So lets go ahead and set a panning effect in the video we are editing. First, we need to set our original key frame. Do this by first going to the start of the video, then on the reframe effects clicking on the toggle animation stopwatch on the left side of all our options.

Image of the start of the keyframe for the reframing using gopro vr reframe plugin for adobe premiere pro software

This is the starting frame

Image of the starting frame that we are going to use for gopro vr reframe plugin

Now we have the starting point of our video, we can now fast forward to the point where we want the panning effect to complete and set its finishing spot. We are going to pan the point of view from the stairs and rotate the degrees to point it towards me walking up the stairs.

Image of setting up the keyframe for the effects

This is the ending frame for our reframe panning effect, which will rotate from pointing up the stairs and ends up panning and pointing back at me walking up the stairs.

Image of the last frame we want the panning effect to complete on while using the gopro vr reframe plugin

The final result looks this.

Great! Now my video has a nice panning view while going up the stairs. We can do many other effects using the GoPro VR Reframe Plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro.


Little / Tiny Planet Example

Now lets see how we can create the tiny planet effect for part of our video.

We are going to have the video go to a tiny planet at the top of the stairs while I move across to the other stairs and go back to a normal view while going down the stairs. So we will set up three key frames : the starting point, the final tiny planet full effect in the middle and back to a normal view. The starting point will be at the top of the stairs, middle key frame in the middle of the cross walkway and the final key frame at the top of the stairs going down.

Ok, lets pick the starting point and mark a new key frame location.

Image of the starting frame for the effect

This is the starting frame.

Image of the starting point for tiny planet effect

Let’s add a new key frame and adjust the FOV, Yaw, Pitch and Roll to make it look like a Tiny Planet effect in the middle.

Image of the middle key frame effect control values

This is what the video frame will look like under the Tiny Planet effect.

Image of the video frame with the tiny planet effect applied

Lastly, let’s go back to a normal view from the Tiny Planet as we are about to go back down the stairs.

Image of the control values for the gopro vr reframe plugin to exit the tiny planet effect

We will do this as we are going back down the stairs at this video frame.

Image of the video frame going back to a normal view from tiny planet effect

Now let’s see what the final results look like.  Normal view to Tiny Planet view back to a normal view again.


GoPro VR Reframe Adobe Premiere Add On Overview

Overall, this is a fantastic feature. Most of the GoPro VR 360 videos incorporate these type of effects. It definitely makes it more immersive and interesting to the end user. A lot of people also enjoy the tiny planet effect on panoramic images as well as videos. This gives you an extra coolness factor when uploading 360 VR Video to 360 video platforms. If you purchase the GoPro Omni package, you will get the Kolor software included as well as this plug in.


Here is my tutorial on YouTube


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