Google launches VR180 video for YouTube

Google is upping their anti for virtual reality content adoption. YouTube just announced that Daydream is partnering with camera companies to create 180 degree 3D VR cameras for the VR180 YouTube platform.

Image of a conceptual 3d 360 camera drawing

VR180 Google YouTube

360 VR videos have been out for a while now and Google’s YouTube has been supporting and pushing for adoption. YouTube 360 is currently one of the largest video players for 360 video content. But with like most new technology the adoption rate from users has been slow. So Google is trying a new strategy, introducing 180 degrees 3D VR video as its own way to view content on YouTube. This way, it is a little easier to understand and not so overwhelming to the viewer.

New Partnerships

Lenovo and Google are teaming up through the Daydream division to create standalone virtual reality headsets, and now a standalone 3D VR 180 camera.

Image of banner on lenovo saying partnership with google and daydream

Streamlined VR Content

Capture your own VR pictures and VR video with a simple point-and-shoot camera, which can be easily shared and livestreamed with your friends through YouTube. You can experience your content through Lenovo’s standalone VR headset enabled with Daydream.

Google already mentioned a partnership with Lenovo during the conference a month or so back about building a stand alone Daydream headset. So it looks like they are going further than just that and helping produce 3D VR 180 degree cameras to use with those Daydream headsets and publish to YouTube VR180 platform.

Google also recently partnered up with YI Technology to build the Yi Halo Jump 360 3D camera rig. So it wasn’t surprising that YI cameras were involved with the VR180 announcement as well.

Image of the banner on YI technology companies website about partnership with google on vr180 project


Creators and Viewers

So how do you upload or view any of these videos?

As a viewer, if the video mentions that it can be viewed in 3D and was shot with a VR180 certified camera, then you can watch them in 3D virtual reality through the YouTube app with a Google Cardboard, Daydream, or PlayStation VR headset.

As a content creator, you can sign up with google to gain access to some VR180 certified cameras to create YouTube content with.

Why would you want to do VR180 instead of 360 degrees? Well, there are a lot of benefits

  • Cheaper cameras then 360 consumer / pro-consumer and professional cameras.
  • The limited 180 degrees view means higher quality for the viewer. 4k quality stretched across 180 degrees vs 4k over 360 degrees.
  • Less movement while viewing. Sometimes you have to drag around the full 360 degrees to understand the content.
  • Easier workflow for creators, no more long editing processes or stitching for 360 videos
  • Live streaming bandwidth, less degrees to show so more quality in 180 vs 360 live stream
  • Parallax and stitching problems disappear

And many more pros


Google has a list of a few videos that you can experience yourself if you have a compatible device.


See the Google VR Blog or YouTube blog for more info.