Stabilization is the most important factor when recording or producing 360 video.  Gimbals are the best and easiest way to stabilize your 360 camera. There are many different types of gimbals available; handheld gimbals, gimbals for drones as well as gimbals for remote control cars.  There are many options out there, but what is the best gimbal for your 360 camera? Below we list out the different types of gimbals for your unique production needs.

Types of 360 Camera Gimbals

Depending on your production needs, you might want to choose wisely the type of gimbal for 360 cameras that you want to use.  The main three usages for gimbals are for handheld situations, when flying a drone or aircraft and lastly when driving a remote control car or dolly.

Handheld Gimbals For 360 Cameras

The most popular and easiest to use gimbal for 360 cameras is a handheld gimbal. They are extremely affordable, easy to use and are specifically built for consumer 360 cameras. Many gimbals already exist for cameras and smart phones, now they are built for 360 cameras as well.


Glide Gear CYL100

Image of the glide gear gimbal for 360 cameras

The Glide Gear Cellfie Stabilizer, despite the name, is not meant for taking “selfies” although it can certainly help taking your “selfies” easier. It is designed to keep your small camera or smart phone steady while taking a video of that graduation or family vacation so that you don’t get a headache when watching them after.

At just 1.1 lb, it is light and portable in its nifty carrying bag, and built with a ball head so that you can quickly assemble and balance it when you need to. It also comes with a variety of adaptors to accommodate most smart phones. Made of CNC-machined 6061 anodized aluminum and stainless steel coated with a black powder finish, it is a corrosion- and scratch-resistant tool that will last you for many, many years.

Features and Specs

  • Lightweight yet sturdy at 1.1 lb (500 g)
  • Made of CNC-machined 6061 anodized aluminum and stainless steel
  • Features a ball head for fast attachment and balancing
  • Comes with assorted adaptors for various smartphone models
  •  Carry bag included

YouTube Review

Balancing Tutorial


Overview & Price

This handheld gimbal is the cheapest of the bunch, because it wasn’t specifically made for 360 cameras or cameras that might weight a lot more. But, because most 360 cameras are pretty light, you can get away re-purposing this gimbal for your 360 camera. It is a lot cheaper than all the others, starting at $79.00 you can get it from the GlideGear Store or from B&H Photography.


MOZA Mini 360

Image of the moza mini 360 camera gimbal

Motion without limits. 360° panoramic shooting without obstructions. Thanks to the unique design of MOZA mini gimbal motors, the MOZA Mini 360 ensures 360° cameras have unobstructed views and gives freedom to capture smooth videos at any angles.  The 360 camera gimbal supports most compact 360 cameras which weight less than 250 grams. Some 360 cameras that are specifically mentioned are the : 360Fly, Samsung Gear 360, Casio EX-FR200, Ricoh Theta S and SC, LG 360 Cam, Dual Kodak PixPro SP360, Nikon Keymission 360 and many more.

The MOZA gimbal system is interchangeable with their other gimbals as well. So if you have purchased either the Mini-C or the Mini-G then you can interchange the systems. The interchangeable system gives operators an easy upgrade path to different gimbal heads. The MOZA system is a one stop shop for smartphone, GoPro action camera and even up to 360 cameras.

This 360 camera gimbal has the capability of 360 degrees rotation on the yaw axes with no limits. You can point the main lens to any position you like. This gimbal for 360 cameras can also be controlled wirelessly on your phone.

Hands on Review Of MOZA Mini 360

MOZA Mini 360 Setup & Overview of Gimbal

Overview & Price

Overall the MOZO 360 Mini is a great gimbal for your smaller 360 camera. It has a lot of great features that a 360 camera gimbal should have. Many reviews have been positive and it is well worth the price to get the perfect stabilized quality video. The MOZA Mini 360 gimbal costs around $300 – 350 depending where you purchase it.  The MOZA Mini 360 can be purchased through the Gudson Moza Store as well as the Gimbal Guru Store.


FeiyuTech G360

Image of the feiyu tech g360 gimbal for 360 cameras

Adaptable to a wide range of panorama cameras and sports cameras including Samsung Gear 360, Kodak SP360, Sony X3000R, GoPro HERO5. Using optional replacement fixtures to support digital cameras such as Sony X100 and smart phones such as Apple iPhone 360-degree unlimited panning for stable, coherent and crisp panorama images and videos controllable via a dedicated panorama button. Employing up to 4 counterweights for a wide range of devices, and marked with scales on the balance arm to record precise balance settings for each device. Up to 6 hours runtime plus USB recharge ability to ensure unbound filming consistency on-the-go.

The G360 360 camera gimbal can support cameras weighing up to 300 grams. FeiyuTech has a vertical counterweight system with multiple counterweights, this enables the 360 camera to be easily balanced on the G360 gimbal for 360 cameras. Because of its modular design, the G360 can also support digital cameras, action cameras and smart phones. It is an all in one gimbal for multiple uses.

Ability to remotely control the gimbal is also included through the use of its smart phone app. The mobile app on both iOS and Android enables the user to adjust parameters, upgrade firmware, adjust panning angles and switch between modes. There is also a panorama mode which features a rotation timer for easy time-lapse videos.

Hands On Running Example

More videos:  upside down example and biking example.

FeiyuTech G360 Setup & Overview of Gimbal

Overview & Price

Overall the 360 camera gimbal is pretty nice. Like other similar gimbals it offers many great features and compatibility with multiple types of cameras. The FeiyuTech G360 gimbal for 360 cameras costs around $300 – 350. It can be purchased through the Feiyu Tech Store as well as on the TomTop Store. The exact specs of the 360 camera gimbal G360 can be found here.


MOZA Air 360

Image of the moza air 360 camera gimbal for professional heavier 360 cameras

This 360 camera gimbal supports professional VR cameras including Z CAM S1, Vuze, GoPro Omni and other professional 360 cameras. The MOZA Air 360 supports a max payload capacity of up to 2.5kg. The unique construction and design allows 360° rotation on 3-axes for an unobstructed view. Mobile App available for full control of the gimbal system as well as a motion time-lapse functionality. Adjustable counterweight are included for compatibility with different VR cameras. Included is a rechargeable battery with 2000 mAh capacity which powers the 360 gimbal for around 6~8 hrs.

Overview & Price

Currently there is no official test footage or any setup videos of the MOZA Air 360 gimbal. This is probably the cheapest option for any heavy professional 360 camera available on the market right now. The MOZA Air 360 gimbal for 360 cameras is currently available for pre-order. Estimated shipment of the final product will be in the July – August 2017 time frame.  The MOZA Air 360 costs around $700 – 800 and is available to pre-order at the Gudson Moza Store or on the Gimbal Guru Store.


Kenyon Gyros – RC Car Dolly & Boom poles

Image of the kenyon gyro stabilization tool on multiple cameras


Kenyon Labs have been stabilizing your view of the world for over 50 years. Kenyon gyros are a world renown gyro stabilization company. They are typically used for any type of photography and video production that need expert stabilization. Kenyon gyros can be used with 360 cameras to stabilize their video footage. Most of the time, when seen with 360 camera systems it is usually with a hand held long boom and on a remote control car or dolly system. It is a little on the pricy side, but if you run a professional video production or digital agency then you want the best for your 360 camera.

Boom Stabilization Video

Boom Setup Video

Remote Control Car Example

Overview & Price
When using long lenses or in low light , windy, or turbulent conditions, a Kenyon gyro will help get more usable shots, resulting in less post production time. A Kenyon gyro will go where no drone or gimbal stabilizer can go. As you can see in the RC Car example, the professional Mantis 360 remote control car uses the Kenyon Gyro. Kenyon Gyros are one way of professionally stabilizing your 360 camera. There are many different sizes of Kenyon Gyro depending on what your camera size and usage. Prices range from $1,000 up to $10,000. You can find more info and purchase them on the Ken-Lab Store.


RC Car and Drone Gimbals for 360 Cameras

Once you start doing more professional 360 videos, you will probably have to invest in either a 360 camera gimbal for your drone or remote control car system. Most of the times you can actually use the same 360 camera gimbals for RC Cars, Drones and handheld situations. Depends on if you purchase the right one or have the ability to modify it to re-purpose it for your 360 camera needs. Below are a few of the 360 camera gimbal options for your remote control car and drone.

Tarzan-G 360 VR Panoramic Stabilizer Gimbal

Image of the tarzan g 360 camera gimbal

The TARZAN-G is capable of supporting rigs up to 3kg in weight. The gimbal features an internal battery that can last up to around five hours. VR Gimbal has both a 3.8″ and a 1/2 20″ mounting holes on the bottom of the unit which makes it very convenient for mounting onto monopods, tripods, or any other compatible device. This means you can position it up high on a pole and user the gimbal to stabilize the shot. The gimbal can also help to get better static and moving shots in conditions where there is a lot of wind.

Tarzan-G VR Stabilizer Test Video 1

Tarzan-G VR Stabilizer Test Video 2

Overview & Price

The Tarzan-G 360 VR gimbal is a great system to satisfy all of your stabilization needs. You can use it on your remote control car or dolly system, handheld situations as well. The version G is for ‘Ground’ so typically this is for usages on the ground, but there is also a version ‘A’ for drone aerial usage. This 360 camera gimbal can be found at the Stabilizer Pro Store for around $1,499.


TARZAN-A 360VR Stabilizer for Aerial Photographing

Image of the tarzan a 360 camera gimbal

The Tarzan A is specially designed for VR Cameras in the sky, mounted on drones. Uncovered area is only located on the right top site, it owns a 3 axis orthogonal overlapping asymmetrical design. Which makes minimal uncovered area possible while using stabilizers to conduct VR camera shooting The Triaxial adjustable center of gravity device supports all cameras ranging from 100 – 2680 grams such as the Detu, Orah 4i, Insta360 Pro, Omni and all other professional 360 cameras. This is a great choice 360 camera gimbal if you do a lot of aerial photography or videography.

Tarzan-A VR Stabilizer Video 1

Tarzan-A VR Stabilizer Video 2

Overview & Price

Same as TARZAN-G but modified for Aerial Drones. This 360 camera gimbal can be bought for $1,699 on the Stabilizer Pro Store.


Lesmo 360VR Stabilizer Gimbal
Image of the lesmo 360 vr gimbal
The Lesmo 360VR Stabilizer is a 3 axis gimbal integrated with panoramic rig for 6ea GoPro Hero 3/4/5s. It is specially designed for 360 aerial filming to solve the problem of vibration during shooting with drone. Specs on 360 camera gimbal : Operation voltage is 12V, operation current 500 mA, controllable angle for pitch is 320, angle for roll 320 and pan is 360. Operational temperature is from -10 – 45 C.

The 360 camera gimbal can be purchased from the Stabilizer Pro Store for $1,799.


TG20 360VR Stabilizer Gimbal For Drone
Image of the tg20 360vr stabilizer gimbal for drones
TG30 360VR Stabilizer Gimbal is specially designed for aerial filming, it can be converted from upside to downside easily to change working mode. It also can be mounted on monopod, tripod, jib-line, robot dolly, RC cars or handheld. The built in magnetic encoders in motors ensure accuracy of positioning and extreme stability to solve the vibration problem during fast moving shooting. While in motion, the accuracy is less than 0.05 degree. The receiver can control yaw axis during flying. Can support 5/6/8/9/10 GoPro Hero 3/4/s and version for GoPro Hero 5 is coming soon.

TG20 360 VR Gimbal Video 1

TG20 360 VR Gimbal Video 2

Overview & Price

Overall the gimbal looks like a nice confined complete package. If you want more details I have a Hands On Review of the TG20 360 VR Gimbal, so make sure to check that out if you are interested in this specific one. It costs $1,999 and can be purchased through the Stabilizer Pro Store online.


Varavon Birdycam – VR 360 Gimbal

The Varavon Birdycam VR360 gimbal is a one handed vr 3-axis gimbal. It has a built-in battery and internal wiring processor. The LED battery voltage displays a status to the user to make sure they know how much juice is left in the battery. The Birdycam’s encoder application regulates power consumption, stabilization, accuracy, and is temperature independent. You can mount the gimbal to anything you want using 35mm adapter. You can attach this 360 camera gimbal to drones, wirecams, RC Cars and more.

Varavon Birdycam Gimbal Video 1

Varavon Birdycam Gimbal Video 2

Overview & Price

Overall the Varavon Birdycam 360VR Gimbal seems like another 360 camera gimbal that can be adapted to be used for drones, RC Cars, dolly as well as being used handheld. The price is a little more expensive at $2,299 and can be ordered on the Varavon Store.


NS VR 360 Gimbal for DJI Drone and RC Car Dolly
Image of the ns vr 360 gimbal system for drones and remote control cars

The NS VR 360 Gimbal has been on my radar for quite a long time. Personally, I think this is one of the best 360 camera gimbals out there. It looks like a mini Google JUMP rig attached to a long pole. You can use it on drones, RC cars and can use it hand held as well. This seems to be one of the most popular multi-use 360 camera gimbals out there in the market. There is a lot of footage available on YouTube and many different professional production companies are currently using this system.

Gimbal on RC Car Video

Gimbal on DJI Drone Video


Overview & Price

It was originally priced around $2,300 – 3000 over the past 6 – 8 months, but recently on the Konova website it was listed for as low as $1,560. If you need a powerful and useful 360 camera gimbal for both drones and RC Cars, I would definitely suggest getting this gimbal system. You can purchase the 360 camera gimbal at the Konova Store.