Double 2 360 Camera Dolly

Stabilization is one of the most important things for 360 cameras and 360 VR content creators. There are a few options out there, and Double 2 360 Camera Dolly is the newest addition.

Image of the double robotics double 2 360 camera dolly for 360 cameras

Double Robotics – Double 2 360 Camera Dolly

Most of the time when I talk about stabilization it usually comes in the form of hand held gimbals, drone gimbals or post production stabilization options. Today, we have something a little different, just like a remote control car the Double 2 camera dolly is a self balancing dolly for you for filming.

Double Robotics main business is telepresence robots that scoot around and have a laptop on top with a live feed, so it feels like someone is there but really isn’t. It is an interesting pivot from that to a 360 camera stabilization dolly.


Universal 360 Camera Mount

The aircraft-grade aluminum Universal 360 Camera Mount attaches to the Double base using an industry standard ¼”-20 bolt. An iPhone is secured in the mount and the camera operator can drive Double wirelessly from behind the scenes via LTE/4G, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth.


Whether filming on a controlled set or in a public place, a silent dolly system enables the sound engineers to capture the natural environment. Double has always been designed to operate very quietly, but it’s especially critical while filming.

Travel Case

The 360 Camera Dolly package comes with Double 2, Universal 360 Camera Mount, and a customized Travel Case made by Pelican. The Travel Case protects your investment as you move between locations.


Video example



The Double 2 360 Camera Dolly costs $3,000 and can be purchased here. You get the dolly and storage container. A storage container is nice to carry it to your video and shot locations.



I think it looks pretty interesting, but it can only do a certain amount of things. First of all, you probably will only be able to do shots on pavement, carpet or any smooth surfaces. Compared this to any of the remote control cars on my List of RC Cars for 360 Cameras, and it will be blown away every single time. It has a limited speed limit, can’t go over rough terrain, and can’t easily swap out batteries. All of these things are easy to do in every RC buggy or car. I would not recommend this unless you want multiple remote control cars and dollys for specific video shooting situations.