The Best 360 Video Sharing Platforms

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Taking 360 videos is fun, but where can you share them to the world? These are the best 360 video sharing platforms for you to gain popularity and potentially market yourself as a 360 content expert. Below is a list of the most popular 360 video sharing platforms.



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YouTube is probably the biggest player when it comes to video. They are investing heavily into not only 360 video but recently 180 3D VR videos as well, so they are making sure to be one step ahead of all other competitors. If you do not have a YouTube account for your 360 videos, then you should sign up and start uploading today. This is easily the best platform to grow your brand and get others to know about who you are.



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Vimeo has entered the 360 video platform game pretty recently. Vimeo 360 is the new home for immersive storytelling, seen in their blog post March 8th 2017. “There’s nothing we love more than being surrounded by amazing videos. And now, we mean it literally: we’re insanely thrilled to announce that Vimeo 360 is here. Now you can upload 360 videos in stunning high quality, dig into 360 Video School lessons, find inspiration on our curated 360 channel, and oh so much more. ”

Vimeo is just another great quality location to upload your videos to get the largest potential amount of views and followers. The most you produce and share the greater your marketing efforts for building your brand will become.



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LittleStar is probably the biggest professional 360 video platform. Many well known brands use it regularly to release your professionally done videos. Some brands currently using LittleStar are ShowTime, Discovery, FyFy, Conan O’brian Show, USA Today, Funny Or Die and many others.


360 Video Sharing Platforms


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Facebook makes it easy for you to upload and share your immersive 360 video content to all your friends. You can either set your videos to public, shared or private in the privacy settings.. Facebook makes it very easy to share 360 photos, 360 videos and other 360 content. Facebook is a great 360 video sharing platform.



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360Rize has a FREE video hosting service with the goal of promoting potential customers work. offers production teams, independent artists and 360 video hobbyists the opportunity to showcase their projects on our new page free of charge. This page is designed to serve as a virtual gallery for our customers and the awesome 360-degree adventures they capture across the globe.

They also offer a Mobile App version on both iOS iTunes and Google Play Store.