360Fly 4k Review – Great Action Camera

The 360Fly 4k action camera is one of the more unique 360 degree cameras in the marketplace. It only has one lens which has a 240 degree POV, most other cameras have at least two or more lenses. In this post we will go over the 360Fly 4k.


The camera comes in a nice snow globe type of case similar to the Samsung Gear 360 packaging.


So what exactly do we have inside of the packaging? Lets see below!


So like in most other 360 camera packages, we get : a power cord, carrying case, the camera, a single mount and the charging platform.  The unique item in the package is the magnetic charing platform, typically most cameras are charged through a usb port that you plug into the wall. For the 360Fly we have something similar to wireless chargers for phones.


The camera only has one physical button on it and that is the on / off switch. There are no other ports or buttons on the device. They are trying to keep it as simple as possible with a ‘touch and go’ type of interface.

Carrying around the 360 Fly 4k camera might be a little difficult as it is a decent size spherical device, so it might be a bit bulky to fit in your pocket. At least the carry case in the package should protect the lens from any scratches.


So the only way to actually use the camera is to have a compatible Android or iOS mobile phone. Lets download the Android app and see how it works.



The 360fly app 3.4 star rating might not be as high as you would expect from a mobile app, but to compare it with the other consumer 360 camera apps it is in the middle of the road. The Nikon KeyMission 360 app : SnapBridge 360/170 has a 1.7 star rating,  the Samsung Gear 360 Manager app has a 3.6 star rating and the Ricoh Theta S app is the highest rated at 3.9.

To see a complete walkthrough of the 360 fly app we have a hands on review post that you can read here.

Overall the App does a good job of displaying the live view of the video and images. The UI / UX design is pretty good and is very responsive. There are a few bugs and your experience will be different depending on what Android OS version you have as well as what type of phone.

















Photograph results

Panoramic photographs from the 360fly 4k camera are not the best of quality compared to all the other competitors. The exported photos are size 3840 x 1920 at 7.4 MP, compared to the Nikon 7744 x 3872 at 12 MP and the Ricoh Theta S 5376 x 2688 at 14.5 MP.

Compare the 360fly 4k photo with the same Nikon KeyMission 360 photo and the same Ricoh Theta S photo on our public 360Hippo easypano albums.  I have an album for each camera for you to compare the panoramic results.


Video results

The video results are similar to the photography results, the Nikon KeyMission 360 and Ricoh Theta S have better looking results. I will be posting example videos on our YouTube and Facebook page for anyone to compare the results of the videos on each 360 camera.


Overall I would only suggest the 360Fly 4k if you need an easy to setup camera for an active sport otherwise there are a lot of other options that are much better. The targeted market is purely an action camera for the ‘click and forget’ type of users.