360Fly 4k Mobile App Review

The 360 Fly Mobile App is the best App that I have used for a 360 camera so far, it has a lot of great features but it is also missing a few things and can definitely be improved. In this post we will go over the entire application.



The phone I will be using to test the 360 fly mobile application is the Pixel XL from google. The current Android version is 7.1.1

Just as a side note, I am a software engineer who specializes in mobile application development, I build native android & iOS apps as well as hybrid web mobile applications. So my complaints might be a little more than the typical user because I know what can and can’t be done. But most of the time I complain about basic user functionality that doesn’t work correctly or is not user friendly.

So lets go ahead and start up the 360 fly mobile app and see how it is. When starting the app we are walked through a nice tutorial of what is possible within the app.










































Now we can setup an account so that we can share all of our photos and videos with all the rest of the 360 fly users.




























Now that we have our account activated lets get into the details of the app. Right now, we haven’t turn on the camera yet so lets just explore.


We can make updates to our 360 fly user account.


We currently don’t have any videos or photos on our device yet.
















We don’t have our camera connected yet either. Lets go ahead and connect our camera.
















Starting up the live view. The live view will display what the video camera sees.

















Overall there are a decent amount of options available for the camera.




















Overall the Android App is very responsive and the UI/UX design is pleasing to the eyes. Taking photos and video almost works immediately and has no delay from clicking the button and the camera to actually do what it is supposed to. I like how it doesn’t force you to view the photo you just took or the video you just recorded, unlike the [Ricoh Theta S mobile app]. If all I want to do is take a bunch of pictures and video one right after each other there is no downtime at all, which is nice.

Because it is only 240% POV, when sharing images or videos there is a ‘mirror image’ on the ground which is very distracting.


Nice functionality

Typical walkthrough the first time you open the app is nice and helpful.

Being able to share to both YouTube and Facebook are nice, although this should be a standard for 360 degree cameras.

Interesting bug reporting feature is that you can shake the phone and it will automatically pop up a page for you to report an issue. It is a nice 3rd party plugin.



















When sharing a photo, the android ‘Share Via’ option displays  a few options for 360 degrees photos. Currently the ‘Upload to Photos [360]’ and ‘Google+ [360]’ options do not work, the image you get is not formatted correctly. It seems like the only sharing option that works for 360 degree panoramic image is directly to Facebook or to Google Maps, all other options do not format the exported image correctly.


Uploading multiple videos to your 360 fly account will occasionally display an app notification for a ‘failed upload’ of one of your videos. But in reality, it still looks like it is uploading correctly in the app because the load bar is slowly moving.


The App did crash once or twice after I tried to upload multiple videos at once, it seemed like all the load bars completed but then the App crashes.

After attempting to share some videos to the 360 Fly social network I now have issues of the videos always trying to load and eventually fail. I am not sure if this is the reason I now get a ‘network connectivity’ error or what. But now I can’t view the 360 fly social feed as well as my own profile.



















Ways to improve

Obviously fix all the bugs. At version 2.# and after being out for many months I have no idea why so many issues are in the application. Most if not all of these bugs should have been fixed by now.

I can’t mass delete photos or video from my device. I have to painfully click and hold on an item, then click on delete, then confirm the delete. So I have to do this over and over again, not very user friendly.

No way to multi select images or videos to share.

When sharing or exporting photos or video, it should automatically format the files so that you can eventually upload it to whatever site you want.

Basic walkthrough letting the users what the interactions for each part of the app would be nice, how is a user supposed to know that they need to click and hold on a photo or video to delete it? Suggestions or simple animation of it would be helpful.

One annoying thing was that the app is just like windows 10 in that it forces you to download updates while you are using it, not very user friendly.



Versions of software, hardware and firmware

Hardware version R1.0

Software version : 2.1.4

Firmware version : Z-0099